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Acorn Self-Service Storage in Westbrook, Maine

At Acorn Self-Service Storage in Westbrook, Maine, you'll find that our answers save you money.
Are you using valuable office space to store outdated records?
Good business practices and tax laws demand that you maintain your business records for several years. If you're considering expanding your office to accommodate more employees, while a storeroom is filled with boxes of old records, perhaps it is time to move the boxes. We offer you secure and confidential storage of your important records, so you can use your valuable office space for its intended purpose, office workers.
Are you using expensive retail space to store inventory?
With the high rental rates of retail space, especially in malls and shopping centers, you want every available square foot to generate sales. We suggest that you use your retail location to display merchandise and use Acorn Self-Service Storage as your back room. Our self-storage facility offers you a place to keep inventory, seasonal merchandise, and display materials. You secure your storage bay with your own lock and key. You're the only one who can open it. It is safe and convenient.
Are warehouses too big and expensive for your needs?
If you're a sales representative or a distributor, you need your merchandise on hand. If the items you carry are small in size or limited in quantity, you probably don't need a warehouse. Our self-storage facility is the answer. We have storage rooms in a variety of sizes and one is just right for your needs. With our extensive hours, we meet your schedule. If you have to make an important rush delivery, let us know and we'll open for you after hours.
Do you pass up good deals because you have no place to put the merchandise?
The next time you have an opportunity to buy merchandise or supplies at closeout prices, don't let the lack of space stop you. We have the extra space you'll need. Our rates are reasonable, and your lease is month-to-month so you only pay for storage as long as you require it.
Can you run your business without a showroom?
If you work at your customer's locations, in construction or lawn care services, you don't need a fancy storefront. You may not need an office. In fact, all you may need is a place to put materials and supplies. Self-storage is perfect for you, especially if you believe profits are better than rent.
Do you need someone to receive shipments?
When you're working and running your business, it's difficult to break away to wait for a delivery. Our resident manager is here all day long. As a special service to our commercial tenants, we will gladly receive shipments delivered to your storage bay.
Is our space cheaper than your space?
Analyze your costs. You may be paying office or retail rental rates just for storage. Our commercial customers often find they can cut their storage costs in half by bringing their records, materials, and supplies to us. With the variety of unit sizes we offer, you can have exactly the space you need—no more, no less, and at a price you like.